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How does the CQMI experience work?

It is really all about connecting with someone special in a positive, safe, and fostering environment. Some agencies are happy to take your money and provide fake profiles of gorgeous women who are already in a relationship or have no affiliation at all with the agency. Others charge an arm and a leg for services that you don’t need or are not applicable to your particular situation.

CQMI was founded in Canada, and who doesn’t like Canadians, eh? They are polite. So polite, in fact, that they decided to help their neighbor to the south by expanding into the United States. You see, Americans have a problem. Divorce and infidelity on the domestic front have discouraged men from taking bold steps into the international dating arena. While you may have been discourage or disparaged by women in the US, women outside the US are eager to make your acquaintance. But why? There are several legitimate reasons.

Most women abroad have never even met an American before, but they have heard good things. Women talk, and they share their stories of love or might even know someone who has married a foreigner. Most women want families, and often the eligible dating pool in their villages is limited while the economic situation does not allow them to support themselves or children. And some women are just adventurous and would like to try something else or have dreamed of living abroad.

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Our dating agency mission : helping US men meet their love in Russia and UkraineThe mission of CQMI, as a leader in relationship counseling and research, is to facilitate the creation of stable couples, serious relationships, and the best mutual understanding between partners. We provide a personalized Assistant and Translator who will accompany you during your stay in Kiev (Ukraine) to maximize your chances in order to sucessfully seduce your Ukrainian bride or russian lady. See below an interesting testimony of Evgenia, Ukrainian translator, who helped Anthony from California during his meetings in Kiev. Evgenia is explaining how American men in Ukraine are well considered (generous, funny) :

Code of conduct

With the goals of proving the reliability of our methods and earning the trust of our clients, in 2015 CQMI published a clear and rigorous Code of Conduct. This is just one way the organization demonstrated its commitment to the professionalism and optimal training of our counselors, thereby ensuring the best possible support to members wishing to find a stable life partner.

The US branch of CQMI commits to the following:

  • Personally interviewing all members to analyze their specific needs and requirements.
  • Collecting all necessary information to appropriately guide and counsel the members in their choices.
  • Providing all means possible to help members begin a serious and stable relationship.
  • Providing all relevant information to our clients within the limits of the necessary or required protection of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Verifying all information regarding our registered ladies and communicating it without any distortion of facts.
  • Regularly checking and updating the information stored in our database.
  • Strictly respecting law and policies throughout the entire process.
  • Reevaluating our methods whenever verified results call for such measures.
  • Closely monitoring our partner organizations and verifying the respect of our code of conduct by the partner organizations.

Our Main partner :  Brideinrussia.com

Thanks to this partner organization, we have access to more than 3000 Russian speaking bridal candidates, one of whom might just become your partner for life. Our local partners are located in the following cities:

Become a Dating Agency Partner

We are continually looking for new partners in other Eastern European countries. Your agency must be legally registered and have all the required certification to team with our agency.

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The President and Founder, Antoine Monnier: Your Love Quest Coach

Antoine Monnier is the founder and president of CQMI. He was born in France and immigrated to Canada in 1998. He has travelled throughout Russia, including Novosibirsk, in the middle of Siberia. He has also lived and travelled to Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, and other enchanting cities. One of his most important trips to Russia took place in 2009 when he visited the country as a member of the Russia-Quebec Economic Partnership Mission of the Premier Jean Charest.

Antoine speaks fluent Russian, English and French.

He is also a certified NLP coach, a skill that allowed him to develop core competencies for communication, especially with Slavic countries of which he is so fond.