Kristina, Ukrainian Woman from Nikolaev, speaking English, Russian ID:16862

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Age40 Gemini
Geboren inOdessa, Ukraine
Height5' 6"
Weight110 lb
Hair Colourdark brown
Eye Colourgray

Marital StatusDivorced
Has ChildrenNo
Has Children
Wants additional childrenYes
EducationUniversity Diploma

About myself...
My name is Kristina, I am a beautiful single girl with grey eyes and brown hair from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. I was born in Odessa, Ukraine.
Education: Lawyer.
Hello, dear men! I am very pleased that you noticed me and took the time to read my profile!

My name is Kristina.

I have brown hair and grey eyes. I was born on the Black Sea coast in the Pearl by the Sea in the city of Odessa. I can be thought of as a Venus, I came from sea foam. I spent my childhood in the Crimea, also near the Black Sea. Maybe that's why I love the sea, sun and swimming. I can't imagine my vacation without the sea. That's why I spend part of my vacation in a sea country, and part in Europe. I adore architecture, so I often visit Europe, where many old buildings have been preserved. Travelling for me is a vacation, a charge of energy and vivacity, inspiration for new ideas and views on life, new knowledge about countries, culture, people's lives, new gastronomic tastes.

I have two higher educations. First education, I'm a lawyer. I worked in different banks for more than 10 years. Now I have a private law practice with clients. I specialize in civil and commercial law. My profession brings me material and moral pleasure, because I help people solve their problems. I have a very flexible work schedule, 3 days I work in the office of my client's company, the rest of the days I work at home.

My second education is business administration management. Knowledge in the field of management I needed to organize effective and efficient work in the team, with subordinates and to build a successful work in advocacy practice.

The most valuable thing we have in life is time. So I value my time and respect the time of others.

I am a good listener and interlocutor, I can support any topic of conversation and keep silent, at the right moment. My values in life are honesty, openness, reliability and confidence in the future, stability, calm state of mind and harmony. If I have the opportunity, I will always help a person. I like Carl Linnaeus' principle: from less to more, from simple to complex. I have a great sense of humor. That's why I can easily deal with any situation in life. I always think positively and believe only in the good and kind. It's hard to get me out of balance, I can only laugh!) I never miss you, I always have something to do. And if there are moments of sadness, I remember what is written on Solomon's ring. I am not afraid of new things, on the contrary, my curiosity helps me to learn, to improve, to move only forward.
I am looking for a serious relationship with CQMI dating agency in Ukraine.
Hobbies and Interests
I can't imagine my life without fitness! I love swimming, I play badminton. I dream of learning to play big tennis.

I love to dance!

I love to read. At the same time, I prefer to hold paper books in my hands. At the same time, I read several books on different topics.

I like drawing. For me, it's art therapy. My drawings are childish, but it relaxes me and distracts me from everyday problems. By the way, I do not like the word "problem", I replace it with "situation". I would be interested in opening an art gallery.

I am interested in interior design (landscape design), practical psychology, real estate sales, hotel and restaurant business. This is something else I would like to do.

I like nature, I like to spend time on a picnic..
Searching for...
Dating sites are just a place to meet, so I prefer meetings and communication live. I am open and ready to talk, visualization and first impression is very important. Getting to know a foreigner is a chance to find your person and, at the same time, adventure. Another country, another state, rules and laws, mentality, traditions. I understand that I have the profession of one state and I will never be a lawyer in any other country. So I will have to learn the language, get education and profession. The support of a man and his family is very important to me.

For me, honesty, loyalty, trust, support, the ability to listen and hear, the ability to yield to each other is important in relationships. I prefer to discuss all issues together, to be able and willing to agree; to try to understand rather than criticize.
Age: 38-48.
Height: above 175.
Education: higher education.
Presence of children: it does not matter.
Religion: Christianity.