Olga, Ukrainian Woman from Dnipro, speaking English, Russian ID:18068

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Age35 Cancer/Leo
Место рожденияVarash, Ukraine
Рост5' 8"
Вес134 lb
Hair Colourтемно-русый
Eye Colourкарие

Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenNo
Has Children
Wants additional childrenYes
EducationUniversity Diploma

About myself...
My name is Olga, I am a beautiful single girl with brown eyes and brown hair from Dnipro, Ukraine. I was born in Varash/Ukraine.
Education: Accountant.
I am never bored, even I am not bored alone with myself - sometimes, of course, I just want to relax and do nothing, like now I am lying and thinking about what to do, where to go, what to watch...

It is very easy for me to find common ground with people. Among my friends, I am the soul of the company. Joyful, easy-going, with good sense of humor, but sometimes I have strong willed character.
In everything I like the slightest twist or experiment... for example, if I brew coffee, I'm sure to add a little spice... If I choose a wine I'll choose a rich, tart and complex wine... if I buy something, I might look for a long time, but when I find it, I know for sure it's what I need...
I like order and cleanliness. When choosing things (clothes, household items, etc.) it is important that they are comfortable, practical and definitely beautiful. These elements are equally important to me. That it was "kind of" isn't for me.
I love to cook good food, but I don't, but I love to bake! I'm not interested in simple recipes, I'm always trying something complicated.
If something can be planned, I plan, but spontaneity has its place too, so there is always a "plan B".
I really like pets and animals in general.
In terms of family values, I'm a conservative. The man is the head of the family. My family model is to love, respect, care and support each other and to be able to hear the needs of my partner. In relationships and family, feelings are important to me first and foremost. If a man and a woman are just comfortable and comfortable together, that's not enough for me. I can only establish a serious relationship with someone with whom I feel better than I do alone, or without whom I just can't and don't want to live without.
I am looking for a serious relationship with the help of CQMI dating agency in Ukraine.
Hobbies and Interests
I like to plant and grow something, it's usually a dream to live in a house with a big garden, and if I want a small vegetable garden - it will definitely be in the form of a flowerbed;
I like to travel; I like to walk through the streets of old cities, to walk, to look... just lying on the edge of a pool that's not mine... Between the sea and the mountains - I would choose to go to the mountains.
Searching for...
No allergies to animals (cats and dogs).
Desired qualities and interests: intelligent, with a good sense of humour, considerate, self-sufficient, charismatic. A person with whom I can discuss something or just keep quiet. A person I can trust and with whom I feel completely safe.
Age: up to 45 years.
Height: from 180.
Education: Highly educated.
Presence of children: None or adults.
Religion: Christianity.
Appearance: No preference.
Location: No preference.