Elena, Ukrainian Woman from Vinnitsa, speaking English, Russian ID:18139

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Age36 Cancer
Место рожденияGajsin, Ukraine
Рост5' 10"
Вес141 lb
Hair Colourблонд
Eye Colourсеро-зеленые

Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenNo
Has Children
Wants additional childrenYes
EducationUniversity Diploma
ProfessionEconomist in a bank

About myself...
My name is Elena, I am a beautiful single girl with grey-green eyes and blond hair from Vinnitsa, Ukraine. I was born in Gaysin, Ukraine.
Education: Finance and credit.
I am kind, honest, faithful, sincere, sensitive, sometimes shy, with a good sense of humor.

Hardworking and caring, I love that in my home was comfort, harmony and order. I love nature, animals, birds and flowers. I don't have a flowerbed, and I take care of the flowers on my windowsill with great willpower. In general, I am not a fan of noisy parties, big celebrations, nightclubs, and anything shiny, flashy, glamorous. I'm not a big fan of glitz and glamour. I prefer modesty. I prefer walks in nature, I like simple easy communication with interesting people. I appreciate kindness, decency, honesty, sincerity, simplicity, openness... when people are who they really are.
I am a hardworking, diligent and responsible worker, I love the people I work with. But work takes up almost all my time, leaving me no energy or time to relax or have a personal life. So I like my job, but I can't say that I love it. I understand its necessity.
How do I see my family? Family is not just a word to me. It's hard to describe...
Family is probably a small, stable, friendly fortress, behind the fence of which is a blooming garden and fertile soil, and behind the walls - warmth, comfort, understanding, care and love. And also the joyful, resonant laughter of children. Behind all the bright and sunny dreams of a strong family... our little fortress, I realize that actually it is not just a wish, but a lot of work and patience. But for me the greatest gift in life is just that: a healthy, happy and strong family where kindness, respect, support, care and love reign.
I am looking for a serious relationship with the help of CQMI dating agency in Ukraine.
Hobbies and Interests
I like tidying up my house, sewing, painting, swimming. I used to go to the gym, run along the river in the morning, like cycling, active outings to nature with tents and campfires. Now I prefer walks in the open air, in the evenings (if I have free time) I read, learn English just for myself. I like a lot of things, everything new is interesting. The difficulty is in having free time... to plunge into my favourite activities with strength and joy.
Searching for...
kind, calm, reasonable, polite, honest, smart, loyal, independent, hardworking, affectionate. I love children and want to create a family. I appreciate in men such quality as peace of mind. We women, being more emotional and vulnerable creatures, sometimes need a strong shoulder to lean on and a hand to guide us and "tell" us how best to calm down and protect ourselves. So we complement each other.
When we find our own person - then we both feel good, communicate easily and easily, it's easy to be together.
Age: 35-45 years.
Height: from 178.
Education: higher education is preferable.
Children: possible.
Religion : faith in God.
Looks: Appearance is not the main thing in life, the inner world is much more important.