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Age48 Aquarius/Pisces
Place of BirthHongrie-Budapest
Height5' 2"
Weight108 lb
Hair Colourred
Eye Colourbrown
Last Visit2023-01-03

Marital StatusDivorced
Has ChildrenYes
Has ChildrenSon (28)
EducationUniversity Diploma
ProfessionMy own small business, but as of today the situation is not clear, will it stay, will it survive...

About myself...
My name is Elena, I am a beautiful single girl with brown eyes and red hair from Kiev, Ukraine. I was born in Hungary/Budapest.
Education: teacher, accounting and audit.
I am 47 years old, I am really like in the picture.

Divorced. I have a small business selling Japanese cosmetics and a network of massage parlors. I do private consultations on psychological/psychological issues.
But because of the war, one business - massage parlors - has already closed, the other - Japanese cosmetics - is still in operation, but its fate is still in question... I have a driver's license. I am a morning person, not an evening person. I like to joke a lot and I expect the same from my partner. I am very direct, I always say things I don't like. From my point of view, I don't take up my time and my partner's time, and it's quicker to resolve issues that way).
I like order, but I'm not pedantic and don't expect the same from my partner). I like to be quiet sometimes and I expect the same from my partner so they can understand it. I rarely drink alcohol. I do not believe in any religion, but I respect all religions and expect the same from my partner. I don't accept having a religion or anything else imposed on me.
I have a Labrador dog.
I don't like mountains, I don't like hiking and I don't like the outdoors)) and I don't like music). I love animals and try to help them, I like reading, listening to lectures, etc. I like to learn things in general. I like erudite men with knowledge in various fields - art, culture, archaeology, history, who are smart in life as well because of their education. I like Documentaries, Biographies, Forensics .
I'm not looking for a relationship where I'm a housewife, I don't want to be a housewife at all and won't be one. I do not like to cook, that is, if a man is looking for a companion that she will cook around the clock, clean, etc - this is not my option))) I can cook breakfast with pleasure when I am in the mood and if I have time ))))
I don't want any more kids. I have had other interests in life for a long time now. I don't want to raise other people's children, so if a man lives with children - I won't start a relationship with him.
For me, relationships are about friendship, love and caring. Sometimes I can do things that are important to my partner, even if I don't like it, if my partner cares about me. But sometimes - to make him feel good, and if it doesn't violate my principles of freedom and psychological state. I mean, for example, I don't like to cook - but sometimes I do it)))) to make him feel good))).
It's important to look in the same direction. They have the same idea about everyday life, about the time they spend together, about their hobbies and what a family or relationship should be like.
And the most important thing is that the partners don't push them, don't change them, but accept them as they are. Otherwise it is better not to live together. I don't like scandals, I don't like people who drink a lot.
I am looking for a serious relationship with CQMI dating agency in Ukraine.
Hobbies and Interests
Sports, hiking, biking, jogging and gym, proper diet, but sometimes I eat too much, etc.). I am interested in psychology, history, archeology, psychics. I like to travel to old cities and countries.
Searching for...
With a sense of humor, funny, generous, loving and helping animals, not greedy to help animals. I like sports, traveling to old cities and countries. They have their own business, company or established in a good profession. psychologyhistory, archeology, literature, etc., has hobbies, likes to read. I'm not paying for myself, but I'm not suggesting either). I am in favor of a traditional family. Preferably a non-smoker, but it's not a principle)) I don't like heavy drinkers.....
And, preferably, male lark (early awakening), I am absolutely not a night dweller ;))
Age: up to 57 years old.
Height: tall.
Education: Does not matter.
Presence of children: Children can be, but to live separately, to bring up each other's children on a permanent basis - not really ready, if to live periodically - perhaps)).
Religion: Non-Muslim.
Appearance : I give preference to tall men. I do not like jocks and am very thin.
Location : Doesn't matter.

mail [email protected]
viber icon +1 514 794-5053

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