Alina, Ukrainian Woman from Odessa, speaking English, Russian ID:8517

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Age34 Gemini
Place of BirthVinnytsia, Ukraine
Height5' 5"
Weight110 lb
Hair Colourbrown
Eye Colourgray

Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenNo
Has Children
Wants additional childrenNo
EducationUniversity Diploma
Profession employé dans la restauration

About myself...
Hi! My name is Alina, I am a free Ukrainian girl with grey eyes and blond hair. I was born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.
Creative person, kind, caring, breaking stereotypes and frames, it is difficult for me to work in a subordinate, so I try to realize myself in my own creative projects.

Working with children is also interesting to me, simultaneously I am engaged in self-development. I live a healthy lifestyle and try to eat right. I see my strong and kind-hearted man as a main person in our family. I am able to give energy, love, warmth, care, affection and tenderness, give support and inspire my beloved man, who protects me from worries, aggressive influence of the world, various difficulties and not womanly affairs. Such a dignified man at home will be able to live in full giving of my love and in respect. If we are going to live in one space, I would like to have my own personal space for time with myself. It has always been important for me, since my childhood. I was born in Vinnitsa. I grew up in Kharkiv, where my parents live. I've been living in Odessa for 5 years now. I love the sea and the sun, so I moved there. I like cooking delicious food and experimenting. To create a cosiness. Has ripened for creation of harmonious family. I cannot see any perspective for a happy life in Ukraine, I do not want my children to grow up and study here, I can see how culture is degrading in Ukraine. Wondering where I wanted to live and raise a family, I decided that a green Canada, France or Switzerland is a nice place to live. And maybe there are more beautiful and favourable places? Now I want to meet the person, own half and soul mate. The healthy, sincere, successful, generous with healthy sense of humour man who is aimed to create family. After I feel that I have got to know a man enough and understand that he is worthy to be a father for my child and I am ready to give birth to him, then it is possible to plan a child.
Hobbies and Interests
All in the life I do creatively) am fond of herbs and their medicinal properties, treat people and itself in 1ju, recover, make people more beautiful. else I am fond of psychology (especially psychomatics), esoterics, philosophy, constantly develop, I love to sing ( on mood), love to dance and just looking for the suitable style of dancing in which I wish to go deep, I like to draw, sew, make handicrafts, and my passion is cooking. Creating healthy and delicious food that makes people healthier and more beautiful. I love nature, forests, the sea, bodies of water. They fill me and inspire me. I love walks in the fresh air in beautiful and pleasant places. I don't like big crowds of people and rarely rest in big companies. But sometimes I like to have fun. I have some real friends with whom I like to communicate. It is very interesting to me with myself, it is the most valuable time for me, when I can be alone and take care of my affairs and solve my inner tasks, dreams, plans, mosaic of affairs at work, recipes, menu, studying of new information, scientific activity).
I love all animals very much. I have 2 affectionate cats. I love interacting with kids and sometimes babysitting my friends' kids. I think this is a great job for a woman and it will serve as a good experience in life for me as a future mother.
Searching for...
Next to me I see an optimist, open and sincere, strong, as sensual and successful in male manifestations, feeling and knowing his masculine nature, capable of kindness and sympathy to others, caring, taking and bearing responsibility for their actions and life, taking responsibility for his woman, loving the nature and animals, sports, watching the physical form, leading a healthy lifestyle, developing personally, with good and kind sense of humour, courageous, kind-hearted, able to direct the masculine aggressive force in constructive affairs, such as work, business, goal achievement, house.
I want him to please me, and I please him, in trifles and in general, love is based on respect. Respect for personal space and quirks and peculiarities. Everyone is different and often our map and illusion does not coincide with the plan of the Universe.) At the same time it has many surprises and gifts and they become obvious if you accept and feel the voice of Intuition, which often does not repeat many times. As opposed to an obsession...

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