From foreign citizens, more and more often complaints are received about the so-called "marriage agencies" in which attractive girls who skillfully wind up trusting citizens of foreign countries.

So how does it work to steal credulous foreigners, generously throwing money at all whims of young women from "marriage agencies", the development of joint business projects and who actually manages them?

Credulous foreigners, be careful!!! The real hero of our time, who deceives his victims, leaving them without money - Valentin, born in 1979, residing in the shabby town of Kherson, posing as an ordinary interpreter and a decent man, in fact - having experience in the scams of "marriage agencies" about 16 years. He earned all his fortune thanks to a huge arsenal of scams, which caught gullible foreigners and naïve girls.

It is interesting how many translators in the city of Kherson drive around on Mercedes and have only 30 projects of elite real estate with expensive repairs and this is only in the city of Kherson. Valentin has been engaged in such activities since 2000.

It is not surprising that at the beginning of his "career", not yet quite an experienced swindler from the sphere of marriage agencies, in 2005 he fell in and was sewed under Article 190 of Part 4 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, which threatened him from 5 to 10 years with confiscation of property for fraud.

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But when he came to court, Valentin succeeded in getting out of the water safely, thanks to corrupt law enforcement and judicial bodies, which later became his so-called roof and a spotter in various kinds of fraudulent schemes, the orientation of which is mostly compliant and trusting foreigners with money and young people, naive girls, beautiful appearance.

The threat of the institution of regular criminal cases, Valentine did not stop and did not teach reason. This is not surprising, because the business of marriage agencies is very profitable and does not require special expenses. And the scheme of work is polished so that the real leader of the "marriage" is legitimately nothing and do not pretend!

Our hero continues his activities to the address of Freedom Square 5, which is allegedly leased by a certain firm "JV Global LTD", but in reality, there are several girls who, under cover of websites, communicate with foreigners, luring the latter considerable amount of money.

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How does this happen?

scammers open marriage agencies in the name of a dummy, recruiting a team of managers who supervise the process and inviting the girls to communicate with foreigners for which they will receive money, explaining immediately that they do not seek the grooms in the marriage agency, and everything is directed specifically at making money. Motivating it by the fact that the girls will need to just smile at the camera in the chat and get paid for it. How easy and beautiful everything sounds, you sit smiling, and you get paid for it. Not work, but a fairy tale. It would be all so good if it were not so sad. Belan lures gullible strangers traveling to Ukraine thanks to the girls who work in his chat room, goes to meet a girl and a male foreigner as an interpreter and the arsenal of schemes deceives both girls and foreigners. Mostly, ladies do not speak English and cannot exactly understand what is happening at meetings. Belan uses this information, the girl is told one information, and the foreigner is told different. Under the guise of an honest translator, he lures money out of men, doing it all with the hands of the girl herself, and the girl does not even think about what she can expect. If the scam passes perfectly, Belan Valentin gets a tidy sum, and the girl receives a gift from the foreigner, and if the foreigner is not so harmless and naive and decides to write a statement to the police, then Belan is only too happy to try to help the deceived, offended foreigner.

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What is the danger of the girl working in a seemingly safe marriage business?

The bottom line is that the very communication and SMS correspondence aimed at luring money is conducted on behalf of the girl-worker. Thus, the right foreigner with considerable capital is lured to the country, under the pretext of further close communication with the interested girl. They are driven by beautiful restaurants, with the aim of rapprochement and with the participation of the same Valentine translator, are trying in every possible way to drag into various kinds of business projects. Often, the girl is taken to meetings with foreigners on which they often sign some papers in English, contracts on monetary obligations. In consequence and the power of attorney to open accounts for the same girl, which is used by the organizer of the marriage agency, already without the heroine of the project. A trustworthy foreigner, drunk with the beauty of his supposedly further life partner, without fear transfers money to the girl in her account for the opening of a supposedly business or buying expensive things. But later the business does not open, the money is removed by the project manager, the so-called translator, who supposedly did not participate in the scheme and did not open the account, since she was just an interpreter and talked only by saying the girl's words. This is the scheme of the work of "marriages" according to which the organizer, leader and translator in one person is not responsible for anything, and for the nice girl "fairy-tale work", on which it was necessary only to smile ends and reality begins. The girls go to the police with the charge in the criminal case. For which they face imprisonment from 5 to 10 years. Since the foreigner is sure that the interpreter just translated the words of the woman, and she is the real swindler in this scam, since there is a video of the evidence of communication, SMS correspondence, an open card account with the received money from the stranger and their removal by the girl.foto tablichki nazvaniya firmy 292x520

And if the girl was able to expose the "honest translator" Valentine and she is trying to leave the agency, then she is subject for a lot of threats and dirty trickery from the swindler, since he does not want to lose his money. The same fate awaits and the girls who really find their soul mate on the site and want to get married. Valentine does everything possible to prevent this, because as they say, "money will pass by the cash desk".

The amounts of damage to defrauded foreigners are amazing. The question arises, so where does the translator Valentine gets all her money from, with more than 30 real estate projects only in Kherson, a car for $ 100,000.00. The answer is clear - all of the lucrative business of marriage agencies, the money of defrauded foreigners. Ordinary girls who cutely communicate with foreigners, who are used to lure and receive money, often remain with kopecks and criminal responsibility.

Foreign citizens and girls wishing to earn easy money - be careful. So far, the name of one "successful" fraudster of the marriage agency's organizer in Ukraine, Kherson, Belan Valentin, who let his networks through front-line girls on the following sites: Hanuma,,, seated at Freedom Square 5, which is under cover leases a certain firm "JV Global LTD."