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Irina is 29 years old and she is extremely sexy and provocative, she says she would like to meet a man in the USA



The USA is one of the richest and most developed countries in the world, in which many women dream to live. We asked Irina, the manager of the marriage agency Odessa in Love, about how American men differ from Ukrainian men, whether they are family oriented or not, how they care, how they prefer to get acquainted.

Why do American grooms go to Ukraine?

In the US, dating sites are common, but there is not always possibility to meet a woman to create a family, so men with serious intentions turn to marriage agencies. Typically, a man through the agency finds a woman (often chooses several) in Ukraine and comes here for a first acquaintance. The agency helps him find housing and arrange meetings in Kiev. As a rule, in a cafe. Still there are so-called marriage tours, when a group of grooms visit several Ukrainian cities (Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, etc.), but such trips are usually not cheap, and therefore they are not common. In Kiev, once a month, they hold group evenings of acquaintances in a nightclub, where female clients of several marriage agencies are invited at once. If you come at least once to such a party with American fiancés, then you'll see there are typical for the US men. For example, a man very much like the actor Richard Gere, whose ancestors were Irish and English, a Hindu with the skin color of a light to very dark, dark-skinned guy from Hawaii, an Asian, a man with a beard, wearing a cap and waistcoat (a Texas farmer's type). The rent of the hall, drinks and treats at such parties are paid by the bridegrooms, and for women everything is free.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that young, successful Americans rarely turn to marriage agencies. This is rather an exception to the rules. They prefer to get acquainted at university, at work or in social networks. With the help of marriage agencies, older people, divorced, widowers, or those who have never been married, but they are already over forty, and they plan to have children, are most often trying to get acquainted with a woman or find a wife. There turn and 80-year-olds, so even your grandmother has a chance. By the way, there have been cases when male virgins at the age of strongly over forty, who do not lose hope to meet their only one, turned up. In real life, this fact becomes a problem for him, but in a marriage agency he usually warns in advance about it and, quite likely, can meet the same woman or the one who will treat this with understanding.

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How they care of their Ukrainian Brides?

Whatever traditions exist in the homeland of the groom, everything depends on his education and social status. However, it is accepted that in Ukraine all costs are borne by the man himself. Arriving here, he usually takes care of one in one, like a Ukrainian man. Can bring flowers on the first date, open the door in front of a lady in a cafe and a taxi, and kiss her hand. If he is in correspondence with you, he often believes that everything is serious, and arrives with a wedding ring for the meeting. There have been cases when offers of the hand and heart were made on the second date. This happens in the event that he is really serious, and not come on vacation to have fun.

If a man understands that you have bad English, then he can pay you for English courses in a language school, because without it you can not do in his homeland. This is also a kind of courtship act. Very often men give on the first date small gifts like teddy bears, gold rings, candy. Since the marriage agencies are most often used by already held men who want to start a family, then on the first or second date a potential candidate for husbands can start telling about their business, showing you in the phone or on a tablet photos of their home, car, motorcycle, animals, children, if they exist.

In US passports, unlike Ukrainian ones, no marriage mark is placed, so even if you ask him to produce documents to make sure that the man is single, it will not help. You can verify this fact only by knowing it better and visiting his country.

The US is a country of immigrants. Even if a man has an American passport, his mentality and attitude towards women will be determined by his ethnicity, family upbringing. There are Russian, Ukrainian, Latin American, Nigerian, Arab, Irish, Indian, Egyptian and other Americans. The residence of a man plays a huge role - so different men live in different states of the country. And the Texas farmer is radically different in his way of life, appearance and behavior from a resident of New York's Manhattan or Los Angeles.

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What Ukrainian women prefer?

Despite the fact that in the US, relations between women and men are often partnered, and cases when on a date he and she pay the bill in half are not uncommon in Ukraine, so no American does. Regardless of his skin color, age, religion. When a man invites a potential bride in a cafe, he pays. Money for a taxi, tickets to the theater and a trip on excursions in 100% of cases.

From foreign citizens, more and more often complaints are received about the so-called "marriage agencies" in which attractive girls who skillfully wind up trusting citizens of foreign countries.

So how does it work to steal credulous foreigners, generously throwing money at all whims of young women from "marriage agencies", the development of joint business projects and who actually manages them?

Credulous foreigners, be careful!!! The real hero of our time, who deceives his victims, leaving them without money - Valentin, born in 1979, residing in the shabby town of Kherson, posing as an ordinary interpreter and a decent man, in fact - having experience in the scams of "marriage agencies" about 16 years. He earned all his fortune thanks to a huge arsenal of scams, which caught gullible foreigners and naïve girls.

It is interesting how many translators in the city of Kherson drive around on Mercedes and have only 30 projects of elite real estate with expensive repairs and this is only in the city of Kherson. Valentin has been engaged in such activities since 2000.

It is not surprising that at the beginning of his "career", not yet quite an experienced swindler from the sphere of marriage agencies, in 2005 he fell in and was sewed under Article 190 of Part 4 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, which threatened him from 5 to 10 years with confiscation of property for fraud.

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But when he came to court, Valentin succeeded in getting out of the water safely, thanks to corrupt law enforcement and judicial bodies, which later became his so-called roof and a spotter in various kinds of fraudulent schemes, the orientation of which is mostly compliant and trusting foreigners with money and young people, naive girls, beautiful appearance.

The threat of the institution of regular criminal cases, Valentine did not stop and did not teach reason. This is not surprising, because the business of marriage agencies is very profitable and does not require special expenses. And the scheme of work is polished so that the real leader of the "marriage" is legitimately nothing and do not pretend!

Our hero continues his activities to the address of Freedom Square 5, which is allegedly leased by a certain firm "JV Global LTD", but in reality, there are several girls who, under cover of websites, communicate with foreigners, luring the latter considerable amount of money.

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How does this happen?

scammers open marriage agencies in the name of a dummy, recruiting a team of managers who supervise the process and inviting the girls to communicate with foreigners for which they will receive money, explaining immediately that they do not seek the grooms in the marriage agency, and everything is directed specifically at making money. Motivating it by the fact that the girls will need to just smile at the camera in the chat and get paid for it. How easy and beautiful everything sounds, you sit smiling, and you get paid for it. Not work, but a fairy tale. It would be all so good if it were not so sad. Belan lures gullible strangers traveling to Ukraine thanks to the girls who work in his chat room, goes to meet a girl and a male foreigner as an interpreter and the arsenal of schemes deceives both girls and foreigners. Mostly, ladies do not speak English and cannot exactly understand what is happening at meetings. Belan uses this information, the girl is told one information, and the foreigner is told different. Under the guise of an honest translator, he lures money out of men, doing it all with the hands of the girl herself, and the girl does not even think about what she can expect. If the scam passes perfectly, Belan Valentin gets a tidy sum, and the girl receives a gift from the foreigner, and if the foreigner is not so harmless and naive and decides to write a statement to the police, then Belan is only too happy to try to help the deceived, offended foreigner.

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What is the danger of the girl working in a seemingly safe marriage business?

The bottom line is that the very communication and SMS correspondence aimed at luring money is conducted on behalf of the girl-worker. Thus, the right foreigner with considerable capital is lured to the country, under the pretext of further close communication with the interested girl. They are driven by beautiful restaurants, with the aim of rapprochement and with the participation of the same Valentine translator, are trying in every possible way to drag into various kinds of business projects. Often, the girl is taken to meetings with foreigners on which they often sign some papers in English, contracts on monetary obligations. In consequence and the power of attorney to open accounts for the same girl, which is used by the organizer of the marriage agency, already without the heroine of the project. A trustworthy foreigner, drunk with the beauty of his supposedly further life partner, without fear transfers money to the girl in her account for the opening of a supposedly business or buying expensive things. But later the business does not open, the money is removed by the project manager, the so-called translator, who supposedly did not participate in the scheme and did not open the account, since she was just an interpreter and talked only by saying the girl's words. This is the scheme of the work of "marriages" according to which the organizer, leader and translator in one person is not responsible for anything, and for the nice girl "fairy-tale work", on which it was necessary only to smile ends and reality begins. The girls go to the police with the charge in the criminal case. For which they face imprisonment from 5 to 10 years. Since the foreigner is sure that the interpreter just translated the words of the woman, and she is the real swindler in this scam, since there is a video of the evidence of communication, SMS correspondence, an open card account with the received money from the stranger and their removal by the girl.foto tablichki nazvaniya firmy 292x520

And if the girl was able to expose the "honest translator" Valentine and she is trying to leave the agency, then she is subject for a lot of threats and dirty trickery from the swindler, since he does not want to lose his money. The same fate awaits and the girls who really find their soul mate on the site and want to get married. Valentine does everything possible to prevent this, because as they say, "money will pass by the cash desk".

The amounts of damage to defrauded foreigners are amazing. The question arises, so where does the translator Valentine gets all her money from, with more than 30 real estate projects only in Kherson, a car for $ 100,000.00. The answer is clear - all of the lucrative business of marriage agencies, the money of defrauded foreigners. Ordinary girls who cutely communicate with foreigners, who are used to lure and receive money, often remain with kopecks and criminal responsibility.

Foreign citizens and girls wishing to earn easy money - be careful. So far, the name of one "successful" fraudster of the marriage agency's organizer in Ukraine, Kherson, Belan Valentin, who let his networks through front-line girls on the following sites: Hanuma, AnastasiaDate.com, Zolushka.com, seated at Freedom Square 5, which is under cover leases a certain firm "JV Global LTD."

Anatoly has lived in the US for many years, but there are things that he simply cannot get used to. They include food, women, and the mentality of the Americans themselves ... He himself says that he does not pretend this to be 100% true, but he tries to share his personal impressions:

This is a story about the downsides of life in the United States and the reasons for not moving to America. I just share my opinion on the experience of living in the States, and do not claim a single truth. Today I will tell you about the 10 really bad sides of life in the US, which can completely discourage the desire to move here.

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1. People = robots

Most people here are like robots, live by the instruction, there is practically no flexibility in business. Compared with the post-Soviet space, where people are still much more flexible, people can be negotiated, solve problems, almost any, here it just will not work and often it comes to the point of absurdity. Here on the roads, they almost never rebuild. They go on their lane to the victorious one, even if their strip is standing, and the neighboring ones are traveling. Yes, for the prosperity of the state and the observance of the law, such eating is just perfect. No attempts to reach an agreement with you will definitely pass and you can be sure of your own safety, if you do everything according to the law. But here on the everyday, on the human level, when you do not want to hear you on the forehead and repeat the same phrases according to the instructions - it's very enraging, and there is a feeling that there are some robots around you. Because of this, our people feel the soul, but for Americans at first glance - no.

2. Prices in shops without taxes.

It is to this I have long been accustomed to.

From state to state and even from city to city, the so-called sales tax (sales tax) varies. For example, in Los Angeles, California and New York, New York, this tax is almost 10 percent. But in the capital of America - Washington, it is slightly more than 5 percent. What does this mean? In shops, cafes, restaurants, and even car sales shop, all prices are indicated without this tax. If the price tag is worth $ 10, then at the checkout you will pay $ 11, because $ 1 does not go to the store, but to the state, and so everywhere. Have you bought $ 150 for a week? Pay on top of 15 more bucks. IPhone in the most expensive bundle at a cost of $ 969 in fact you will get almost $ 1100.

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3. Excessive independence from the opinions of others

Here it comes a lot of absurdity, which is much more. In addition to the fact that most of the people in the streets are not very well-groomed, they walk literally in rags, you can often meet young people in sneakers or sneakers with holes, from which their fingers will stick. This also includes the abundance of people with very large excess weight. Because of the fact that this is not denounced by society, they walk calmly in tight clothes, to emphasize that they are so unconcerned about their appearance, and they are not going to do anything with it. Lines weight is certainly a personal matter for everyone, but impressions from the country or from the city it can greatly spoil.

4. Girls

When you live in America, you understand why Russian girls here are so popular. Here our girls immediately stand out, because most Americans do not follow. Many begin to engage in themselves, to get dressed properly and make makeup only after 30 years, since in the modern consciousness of Americans, the age of up to 30 years is essentially the second childhood. Most people here are under 30 years of age do not engage in serious things and enjoy themselves and get high. And then you immediately understand why Hollywood actresses here are becoming so popular – because their appearance is strongly distinguished from the general mass.

5. Hypocrisy of Americans

Surely you have heard more than once that Americans are very sympathetic, always smiling, they ask how you are doing and are trying to help. This is true, but only partly. In fact, smile and questions are worthless. It's just ordinary courtesy. In my experience, a man who says that you are his brother, who will always be in touch, already forgets about you the next day and can talk about bad things behind you, and do not understand what's wrong with that. Friendship in America is not at all like ours. Here more and more acquaintances on work, on college, on school, instead of the real friends in our understanding. Of course, there are exceptions, but I'm talking about my general impressions.

6. Eternal discontent of different strata of the population

I saw how our people live in Russian regions. And after that, of course, you are amazed when you hear discontent from people in America. There are constant media or on a stake, during numerous rallies, you can hear protests from women, gays, blacks, scientists, and in general any representative of the population about how they are being pushed, how they are not allowed to develop, how not to hear and so on. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity, and often the state really, seriously expresses its concern for a particular problem and begins to do something about it. If local women, gays and blacks would know. how people live here in Russia and in other countries, they would certainly not be whining. A Man quickly gets used to the good and demands more and more. Therefore, single-sex marriages are legalized here, white people are forbidden to speak ill of blacks (but not vice versa!), And every fire brigade must have at least one woman.

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7. American food

in America there is no such thing as any kind of homemade food.

Burgers, French fries and steaks - that's all. The rest of the units are the kitchens of the peoples who live here. In addition, there are huge portions and all the food in the restaurants that are too big and tasty. As if there was added a lot of flavor enhancers. But the most important problem in stores. Semi finished products are very popular here, you cannot even imagine. In the shops there are whole departments of semi-finished products, where you can find even a plate with breakfast, lunch or dinner, which you just need to shove in the microwave and warm it up. This food is very oily, harmful, it is unclear what it is made of, but it is advertised everywhere and there are actually hundreds of species. Also, there is an incredible amount of food and drinks with an incredible amount of salt and sugar: chips, chocolate bars, sodas, and all this hundreds of species, much more than we have. if you are going to move here and raise a child, be prepared for the fact that the child will need to work on the issue of nutrition, explain that what his peers eat can bring to serious illnesses.

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8. Homeless everywhere

This is a real problem, and it is very evident, especially in comparison with Russia. There are a lot of homeless people here. Moreover, many of them live on a club not about a bad life, but just because they are against the system. They behave very insolently - they approach you, ask for money. If you say that you do not have them, then tell him - take it from your friend and give it to me. If you go with the packages from the store, they will come up and ask for something from the package. In Moscow, for such a quest, a homeless person would have already gotten in the face.

9. Huge tips

In the restaurant, the tip does not include a tip, but they certainly bring you three recommended tip sizes: 15.20 and 25 percent. If you leave less, then this is very small. No one will say anything, but the waiter will not like it. But if you do not make a tea, the waiter can catch up with you and try to find out what exactly you did not like. So, with the growing trend, be prepared for a $ 100 account to add $ 25 to not offend the waiter.

10. Prices for medicine and housing

The well-known fact that in America medicine is very expensive, and without insurance it is very difficult to live here. But even if you have insurance, and you have a serious medical intervention, then you still have to pay 10% of the bill yourself. But already without insurance prepare ... The usual call of an ambulance will cost you $ 1500, the reception of an ordinary therapist - 200-300 $, ultrasound - $ 500. The same applies to housing. You cannot find anything without an agent and a decent commission. The adequate cost of the most ordinary one-room apartment is $ 2000.

This guide is intended primarily for men who have decided to address free dating clubs or agencies selling the addresses of Russian girls: these dating systems are the favorite hunting grounds of crooks of all kinds because the profiles are only rarely verified. Let's see the differences between a classic marriage agency and a dating club:

a) Traditional marriage agencies, constitute a file of Russian ladies through partner agencies in Russia to verify the identity of the ladies and ensure their motivation: these agencies offer a system of membership for a longer or shorter period (maximum 1 year) for a fee ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand USD: marriage agencies are subject to the law, a contract guaranteeing your rights is signed by both parties, the payment is made most often by check.

The advantage of this system is that it ensures that the ladies registered in the file actually exists! It is not excluded that some of these ladies have dishonest intentions!

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b) Dating clubs compiling a file from pictures and profiles sent by e-mail from ladies wishing to marry a foreign man: these agencies sell the addresses of ladies to the unit for sums between 5 and 30 USD for each address: these agencies are not subject to any regulation in US since not being considered marriage agencies but dating clubs, no written contract is signed, the payment is made by credit card directly on the site.

The disadvantage of this system is that it is very difficult to verify the identity of people registered online (but this is also the case for US only dating clubs!): The fraudsters are mostly on this type of site because of the relative anonymity they enjoy: the charming Russian of 20 years with whom you correspond could quite be uncle Boris who e-mailed the photo of a pretty girl from a magazine and having a anonymous e-mail address: note that these fraudsters only represent a very small percentage of the total number of ads, do not fall into paranoia.

c) The "free" english-speaking dating sites allow everyone to register for a modest fee to be paid by credit card. These dating sites have been the favorite target in recent months Russian or Ukrainian scammers: we receive more and more testimonies of American gentlemen who met Russian women through these sites and who have been "relieved" of several thousand USD just before their "princess" disappears. These gentlemen initially register to meet an American woman living near their home and are contacted one day by a beautiful young Russian girl supposedly in search of Prince Charming. And here I warn you gentlemen: if it is the girl who contacted you first then there is a 99% chance that it is a scam. In Russia, only people with a high income can claim to have a bank card ... the scammers can of course without having a credit card given the amount of money they succeed every year to extort from the man Western.

Rule number 1, obvious and effective, to avoid fraudsters: NEVER SEND MONEY TO THE LADIES WITH WHOM YOU ARE IN CONTACT

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The reputation of seriousness of a wedding agency is based on this simple principle: clearly announce the color to the ladies wishing to join the agency: no member will send them money, whatever the reason that they invoked. I discourage fraudsters who prefer to try their luck with other agencies.

1) Principle : Definition of the word scam:

The various schemes used by the scammer will have only one goal: to bring you to a situation where you have to transfer money to him: generally the scammer will not ask you the money directly but will ask for your share a financial help to help you overcome a problem that can affect the smooth running of your relationship: purchase a visa or an airline ticket, rent an apartment in case you decide to go see your correspondent in Russia etc ... this sum of money will usually be requested via a transfer by the Western Union company which is specialized in international money transfers: the sum is transferred in 1 or 2 days and can never to be recovered, even if you paid by credit card.

The scam can be the fault of a single person or an organized criminal group who use all the necessary means: renting apartments, mobile phones or mail boxes, handling honest people to receive funds transfers by claiming the loss of a passport or the fact of not paying a surcharge due to too many bank transfers (the person, who knows nothing about the current scam, receives a sum of 5 to 10 USD from the rogue's share). The crooks can just as well make a false casting.

The contact between the scammer and the victim is by e-mail, usually through a free dating club.

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2) Mechanism of the fraud

First of all, you have to admit that during the first few letters you will not know if the person with whom you correspond is honest or a crook. Welcome to the world of virtual relationships!

It is indeed very difficult to detect the trap before the question of money arrives because the scammers have a good knowledge of the psychology of Western men single or divorced: the letters sent by the scammer only different on one no letters sent by a sincere young woman: you will not notice that it is a scam! And do not trust anymore the photos that your "sweetheart" sends you: these may have been bought at a photo studio, taken from an honest young woman or downloaded from the internet.

You must be very careful in the following circumstances, even if these signs do not indicate with certainty that you are in contact with a scammer:

A) Your correspondent is a student or has no income.

B) She has a Top-Model look and is much younger than you (you could be her father).

C) Something very sad in her life inspires pity: her mother is very sick, her father left her when she was very young, and her mother fought to raise her, she moved to a city where she has no friends etc.

It is almost impossible to detect a scam in the first letters exchanged: at first everything seems perfect, your feelings towards the girl grow quickly. It is only after 3 to 4 letters that some signals must alert you (unfortunately some men are then completely "under the spell" of their correspondent and remain blind in front of these signals):

A) Your correspondent often evokes the notions of honesty and sincerity (in order to put your conscience to sleep).

B) She does not answer your questions, or the answers are added at the end of the letter (you may think that it is a problem related to the language barrier but in fact the letter is simply a "model" "pre-written and someone made an" addition "). Thus, sometimes we can find in the writing of some letters additions between braces {} or dotted lines, which are simply writing options that the rogue has forgotten to remove or validate. For example: "I want to meet a man {bigger, more than}."

C) She falls very quickly madly in love with you.

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D) The pictures she sends you are more and more sexy and provocative. Sometimes these photos have names such as "photo 1", "photo 2" etc. and you see that the photos she sends you are all sorted by increasing numbers. Bizarre? Absolutely not! The scammers are simply sometimes well organized, very rigorous, but not enough "fine" and "romantic": they name the photos with numbers to know what photo to send and when, depending on the progress of correspondence and the scam (it must be found among the thousands of gentlemen contacted). Photos soft at the beginning and then slightly naked pictures after a few weeks to finish with photos really hot "at the end of the course" at the time of the request for money.

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