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Russia is the largest country in the world where a part of the most beautiful, sweet and sincere women live! Men all around the world know that a Russian woman is beautiful, caring, gentle, honest, and a bit shy; she holds family values dear, takes care of the education of her children, of her home, and she’s ready to help and support her husband. Russian dating sites show beautiful ladies and it creates some fever in all the men's imagination. Some men compare women in Ukraine and women in Russia, saying that Russian girls are more explosive and fierceful. What is the truth and what do you actually know about the specificities of the women living in the biggest country in the world.  

Family values of Russian women

In general, Russian ladies show much more patience and tolerance than Western women do: it’s because the keywords of a Russian family are reliance and mutual help! Indeed, the Russian family is built on this principle of reliance: Russian women are very attached to their family members. They want to have equality within the couple, when it comes to the education of their children or sharing of household tasks. They will certainly be loyal and caring spouses with traditional family values, but in no way submissive!

For Slavic women, childbirth is a very serious action, and they always take a very active part in the education of their children. Therefore, they are less career-oriented than Western women are.

One should differentiate women living in great metropolis such as Moscow, the capital city, or St-Petersburg, where standards of living are the highest in the country, from women living in towns like Samara. Women from metropolis are more autonomous financially; they often look for men who are determined and ready to ensure a standard of living at least equivalent to that the woman had before meeting the man. On the contrary, women from small towns are less sophisticated and rather appreciate spiritual values and the inner wealth of their partners.

What qualities a Russian woman looks for in a man ?

A typical Russian woman doesn’t necessarily look either for a man of great beauty or for a millionaire. In fact, she looks for a man who has the great inner beauty, who is open, sincere and caring. Most of Russian women who want to marry a foreigner are thirsty for appreciation and respect, they are ambitious and show a certain strength of character. They look for husbands and for everlasting love and happiness.

They use all possibilities to get a good education, find a good job and build their careers. Russia has a high enough level of education compared to that in many European countries. In consequence, many Russian women are very educated, many of them have university degrees. Reading is a part of Russian life and culture, and Russian brides usually would prefer reading a book to going out to the movies or watching TV. However, the family is still their priority.

Are there any difference between a Russian brides and an Ukrainian women ?

The answer is Yes, its been heard a few times in Kiev that Ukrainian girls are more quiet, less emancipated than Russian girls. Well I guess you should travel in Samara, where you can meet the most beautiful Russian brides in Samara, thanks the the Empress Catherine II !

The first encounter with your Russian bride

You ask why these magnificent ladies, having all the qualities men look for, stay single and don’t look for men in their own country?


The answer is very simple: they can’t find a partner in their own country. According to the last census, there are about 10 million more women than men in Russia! Thus, there’s a real shortage of marriageable men. Some Russian women are doomed to stay single for their whole lives.

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