The beauty of Ukrainian women is admired all over the world. And it is not that women in other countries are less attractive, but that Ukrainian women magically manage to attract men from all over the world. However, magic has nothing to do with it.

Here are 4 reasons why Ukrainian women are so beautiful.


1. Genes

Let's be honest: Ukrainian women are beautiful by nature. If she goes out without makeup (which is very rare), you will be surprised how charming and loving she is even without makeup. All that is possible thanks to her rich gene pool. Her ancestors include Caucasians, Tatars, Baltic nations and many more.

Although a beautiful woman with dark eyebrows and a long braid is adored in traditional Ukrainian songs, she is not assigned any particular type of Ukrainian beauty as a standard.

Here you will meet women of all hair colors and structures, from light-haired blondes to red and dark. The same applies to eyes: in Ukraine you will meet beautiful women with blue, gray, green, brown and dark brown eyes.

Although most young Ukrainian girls are slim, as they grow older, these women become curvier and, as Ukrainians themselves say, "juicier".

Another advantage of Ukrainian girls is that they are not too tall and are in perfect shape. Perhaps that is precisely why Western men feel more confident and appreciate the beauty of Ukrainian women even more.


2. Great clothing style

Although Ukrainian women appreciate their natural beauty, they never rely on it. The first thing you will notice is that they dress way above average.

And not just well, but as if they were going to a fashion show or something. Even if they are relaxed, they try to adorn themselves with accessories and jewelry to look feminine in the eyes of men, a high heeled shoe is an essential part of a Ukrainian woman's attire.


3. The ability to emphasize one's advantages

It is clear that 100% of Ukrainian women were not born without imperfections. How come they are still among the most attractive women in the world?

Ukrainian women know how to highlight their advantages and hide disadvantages. And they do it not only with their clothes, but also with their makeup.

However, some Ukrainian women are so obsessed with cosmetics that they wouldn't leave their house without applying makeup beforehand.

Some girls also love long artificial eyelashes and done nails.


4. Inner energy

You will also love the special inner energy that Ukrainian women have. Many of them are ambitious, wise, and clothes are not the only thing they pay attention to.

Without all that, Ukrainian ladies would be just empty dolls. It is the feminine power of Ukrainian beauty that captivates foreigners.