Dreaming of a beautiful Ukrainian woman? Then read on and get tips on how to find love via online dating!

Besides being incredibly beautiful, Ukrainian women are also more feminine than Danish women for cultural reasons. Ukrainian women differ from Danish women by being more happy with traditional gender roles. Now, of course, not all Ukrainian women are the same - but generally speaking, they are happier with a more traditional division of household responsibilities. They have no problem with being mainly in charge of the home, while the man has the main responsibility for earning the money.

Dating a Ukrainian woman is in many ways easier than dating, say, an Asian woman. They have a much greater insight into Scandinavian culture and society, and also have a greater focus on education and career. Therefore, it is also possible to find a Ukrainian woman who has a good education and who has ambitions for her career.

How to choose the right online dating site for Ukraine dating

If you follow the 4 tips below, you won't go wrong!

- Choose a site that allows you to create a free profile or gives you a free, no-obligation trial. This will allow you to check out the site's profiles and credibility before paying for a membership.
- Choose a site where payment is monthly. If you have to pay per message, you run a high risk of being ripped off.
- Check out the site's review on Trustpilot, and Google the site for more reviews.
- Find out what kind of company is behind it. Read their policies regarding fake profiles and scams. How do they actively work to limit fake profiles?

If you want to get started with Ukrainian dating online, we recommend that you create a profile on CQMIUS.COM

Why American men are popular with Ukrainian women :

Many Ukrainian women dream of finding a Scandinavian man. Ukraine has suffered from instability and low wages for many years. Moving to America, where the political situation is more stable and wages are good, is therefore an obvious dream for many.

In addition, American equality has meant that Scandinavian men treat women better and with more respect than they are used to from Ukrainian men. The idea of having a man who treats them with respect and behaves properly at home and abroad is thus also something that makes Denmark attractive in the eyes of Ukrainian women.

But will they only date Danish men to move to US or for the money? No, of course not. But why not look for love where all other conditions are better? You seek a Ukrainian woman out of some aspirations to find something in a Ukrainian woman that you can't find in a Danish one. But that doesn't mean you're not looking for real chemistry and love at the same time. The same goes the other way around, of course!

Should you be afraid of being cheated?

You've found a beautiful, sweet Ukrainian girl. But how do you know if she means what she writes? How do you make sure you won't be cheated?

Unfortunately, when it comes to fake profiles and scams, there's no way to be sure. Some of the women who scam Western men via online dating are very patient and cunning. But the vast majority are able to catch their cheating before it goes wrong.

So yes, you should be careful when chatting with Ukrainian girls. At the same time, it should not deter you from doing so. Because if you follow the advice in the paragraphs below, use common sense and listen to your gut, you can easily avoid the broken vessels.

Four things that should set your alarm bells ringing

If they're out to scam you, they're not genuinely interested in getting to know you, and the goal of all their communication with you is ultimately to lure money out of you. That's why they'll eventually reveal themselves - because they'll have to ask you for money somehow. Below are 4 situations that should set your alarm bells ringing: 

  • She keeps talking about something she wants / needs money for. She hints that it would be nice of you to help her afford it by sending her money.
  • She asks you to send money so she can visit you in Denmark (money for plane ticket, travel agency etc).
  • She is uncritical of your opinions, and is overly sweet and affectionate from a very early stage.
  • She will not video chat on e.g. Skype or talk on the phone.

None of the above 100% means that she is out to cheat you. But they are strong indicators of it. Either way, never transfer money to her. For example, if she wants to go to Denmark to visit you, you can offer to pay for her plane ticket. That way, she never gets her hands on the money.