Vasilisa, US American Woman from New York, speaking English, French, Russian, Spanish ID:16694

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Age32 Libra
CityNew York
Place of BirthDonetsk, Ukraine
Height5' 2"
Weight119 lb
Hair Colourdark brown
Eye Colourgreen
Last Visit2024-03-30

Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenNo
Has Children
Wants additional childrenYes
EducationUniversity Diploma
Profession English teacher

About myself...

My name is Vasilisa. I am a beautiful single girl with green eyes and light-brown hair from Donetsk, Ukraine.

I was born in Donetsk, Ukraine.
Education: Chemistry.
I believe that support and respect are the most important in relationships.
I want to be able to talk and negotiate with my man when making important decisions. I also believe that men and women should have different areas of responsibility. A man is responsible for the financial part of the relationship, and a woman - for the emotional part, but this does not mean that she has no right to work if she wants to have her own finances outside of the family budget. In the right family, a man does not know where the money goes, and a woman does not know where it comes from. It is important that my interests and aspirations coincide with the interests and aspirations of a man. For example, I like to travel, and I believe that a career should not stand still, but requires constant growth and development. The ideal man for me is the one with whom we can live in different countries in different seasons, because his work will not depend on the place, and who can help me to develop in the professional sphere, for example, to start a small business and raise it. And also, whatever people say, physical and external compatibility is incredibly important in a relationship, so both partners have to look after the appearance and health out of respect for the other person and listen to their wishes as long as they are objective and do not harm the health of the other person. Finally, the relationship should be equal, as the woman should spend more time and energy to care for herself, the man should provide for her financially out of gratitude for her efforts, but the woman should also be grateful for the efforts of the man and create a cosy home for him. I do not believe in sacrifices, and I will never sacrifice my dreams, goals, health or happiness for the sake of another person, but it is necessary to adapt and compromise as much as possible when finding solutions that are favourable for both sides.

I am looking for a serious relationship with the help of dating agency CQMI in Ukraine.

Hobbies and Interests
My main passion is travelling, so I speak English, Spanish and French and like to visit countries where I can use these languages. I also like to take pictures, but only as an amateur; maybe in the future I will dare to start doing it professionally, but not in the near future. The third hobby is international cuisine; I don't like to cook, but I like to try new dishes in the countries I visit.

Searching for...
He likes to travel and try cuisine from different countries of the world, purposeful and successful in his career (earns enough to fully support his family), generous, caring, able to listen and solve problems. Ideal if the work is not tied to one country and allows you to live anywhere and work remotely. He is interested in constant self-improvement (courses, new hobbies, self-development lessons), can take care of himself if needed (washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking); ideally if he can fix broken things. It is important to know English and either Spanish or French, better if both, can drive a car, loves to watch movies. Ideal if he loves plants and animals, responsible and keeps his word, healthy.
Age: 25-32.
Height: 178-184 cm.
Education: Higher.
Presence of children: none.
Faiths: Christianity or without religion.
External data: Proper facial features, a beautiful healthy smile, preferably tanned skin, athletic build, short hair, no moustache or beard. Without body hair (at least without back and chest hair).
Area: Countries where you can communicate in English, Spanish or French

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viber icon +1 514 794-5053
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