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Age42 Libra
Place of BirthKotovsk, Ukraine
Height5' 2"
Weight121 lb
Hair Colourlight brown
Eye Colourgreen
Last Visit2024-06-11

Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenYes
Has ChildrenDaughter (13)
Wants additional childrenNo
EducationCollege DEP/DEC (vocational/technical)
ProfessionSales manager for an Austrian jewelry company.

About myself...
My name is Irina, I'm a beautiful single girl with green eyes and blond hair from Kiev, Ukraine. I was born in Kotovsk, Ukraine.
Education: hotel technician-organizer.
I'm an open, cheerful and direct person.

A gentle girl with a kind soul, always ready to help, listen and find a solution in the most unusual situations. Strong on the outside and gentle on the inside. I look at the world positively, with a sparkle in my eyes and a smile on my lips. I'm serious enough to plan all my affairs. Independent and punctual. I like to discuss and plan everything in advance, even if I leave room for spontaneity and romance in my life. I'm passionate about what I love and what inspires me. For the past twelve years, I have worked successfully as a manager in an Austrian jewelry company with direct representation in Kiev. I spend most of my time at work. I like to make people beautiful and happy, accomplish seemingly unrealistic tasks in the shortest possible time and receive gratitude from customers. Family values are very important to me. And I'd like to share every moment of my life with the person I love. I have a beautiful daughter and we all spend vacations and important events together. That's my responsibility. That's why I take my choice of partner seriously and responsibly.
I'm looking for a serious relationship with CQMI dating agency
Hobbies and Interests
I practice yoga and meditation. I love to travel and discover new cities, their history and new people. I love walking in parks and forests, where I draw my energy. I like mountains and the sea....which inspire me....And in general I like to love.... !!!!
Searching for...
I would like to meet a strong, confident man with a bright and kind soul, intelligent and well-mannered. A responsible and serious man like me, who has his feet on the ground and has confidence in the future. Active and sporty. With a sense of humor that will be safe and comfortable. If he's a bit of a romantic, that's fine. May he be able to act and take decisive action. I want us to have the best match of interests and compatibility of values and desires, and many aspects of life. For the sake of the children and the family. And in general, the only goal in this life is unconditional love.
Age: depends on physical condition
Height: 175-185 cm.
Education: higher education.
Presence of children: Doesn't matter.
Faith: Not Muslim.
Appearance: Handsome)
Place of residence: Canada, Europe.

mail [email protected]
viber icon +1 514 794-5053
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